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Our scientific team conducts extensive research and development work with industrial clients who wish to convert their waste streams into new products or who are analyzing their products prior to marketing or sale.

We can forensically analyse complex chemical and scientific issues to help you develop bespoke processes to manufacture new products or converting waste streams into products.

Decus Research are able to design and build testing equipment to mimic proposed industrial process techniques and to enable process optimisation. Our team has assisted our clients in the development of new treatment techniques, some of which have subsequently secured process patents or achieved end of waste status.

We are happy to work on a contract basis or partner with clients to develop commercial products.

We have been involved in many interesting research projects

Use of spent flux in downstream processes

Decus has assisted several companies to develop techniques to convert their spent flux into product for re-use. In some instances the fluxes have been mixed with other materials to create new materials that are purchased by industries.

Conversion of effluent to feedstock

Effluent from a process can have characteristics that can be beneficial to other industrial processes. Decus has developed a wide experience in this field and has assisted companies to convert their effluent into feedstock that is suitable for other users.

Reduction of effluent

Effluent disposal costs can be significantly reduced if onsite treatment systems are developed to reduce the concentrations of contaminants or to enable recycling of products. Decus has extensive experience in the development of robust effluent reduction facilities.

Recycling of cleaning products

Cleaning products are often used by industry in a single pass system where the resulting chemicals are disposed of. Significant cost savings and environmental benefits can be achieved if the cleaning products are regenerated and re – used. Decus has assisted several industries to achieve significant reductions in cleaning product purchase.

Assessment of the bioaccumulation efficiency of plants to absorb heavy metals

The study included an assessment of the fate of metals within each element of the plant being studied – Decus has undertaken research into the ability of various plants to selectively absorb heavy metals.

Assessment of the bioaccumulation capacity of non - ferrous metals in Gammarus Pulex

Decus developed a robust protocol to assess the bioaccumulation of heavy metals in Gammarus Pulex in aquatic systems both in the natural environment and in laboratory controlled conditions.

Methods of accelerating conversion of carbon to gas using various catalysts

Decus has assisted industrial clients to improve the conversion rates of carbon wastes to gas using catalyst.

Methods of converting syngas to liquid fuels.

Syngas is produced by gasification processes. We have assisted our clients to develop techniques of converting the syngas to liquid fuels in micro GTL systems using catalysts.

Conversion of organic matter to gas using gasification techniques.

Decus has assisted companies to optimise their gasification techniques by deployment of real time gas analysis techniques and field measurements.

Conversion of plastics to liquid fuel using catalysts.

Decus was retained by a client to assist in the development and optimisation of a process that converts plastic into liquid fuel. Decus developed bespoke testing protocols of the feedstock and of the produced fuel to enable a due diligence of the process to be undertaken.


Decus Research Limited is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory, No 4303.
We also participate in Performance Testing schemes such as AQUACHECK.

Fast turnarounds

We assist industrial clients with optimisation of process engineering via quick 24-hour turnaround analysis and field testing where required.

24-HOUR turnarounds

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