Chemical Testing

We specialise in handling difficult and complex testing protocols and have developed several bespoke tests for our clients which have involved building novel test rigs and the development of new testing methods.

Our commonly requested laboratory testing services include, but are not limited to; Chemical analysis of soils, groundwater, surface water, leachate, waste and products; Oils and fuels testing; Marine sampling; Sediment testing; Pesticide testing; Environmental monitoring; Site sampling; On site testing; Waste to energy support services; Fuel testing.

Organic Testing

Our laboratory offers a comprehensive Organic analysis service via state of the art GCMS techniques. GC-MS methods include targeted analysis of PAHs, Total petroleum hydrocarbon, semi volatile and volatile organic compounds, in water and soil matrices. We also have the capability of analysis for unknown compounds in our screen method; this gives good indication of potential contaminates in samples. The spectra of unidentified peaks are compared to a comprehensive database, to provide a potential match.

Inorganic Testing

Inorganic analysis is undertaken using ICP and we have an extensive wet chemistry capability. Our methods include analysis using UV-VIS Spectrometry, Ion selective electrodes and titrations to cover a wide range of determinants in both water and soil samples.

Non-Routine Chemical Testing

We offer a truly unique testing service to manufacturing and waste industries. We undertake bespoke testing, research and process / product development.
This service is not normally available via larger commercial laboratories.

Waste Testing

Specialist waste testing services include waste composition analysis, WAC testing and Calorific Value analysis. We have extensive experience in testing of RDF, SRF and WDF. We assist our clients with classification of Inert Waste, Stable Non Reactive Waste or Hazardous Waste and help our clients to comply with their Duty of Care when considering waste transfer.

We offer a comprehensive testing service for:


Decus Research Limited is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory, No 4303.
We also participate in Performance Testing schemes such as AQUACHECK.

Fast turnarounds

We assist industrial clients with optimisation of process engineering via quick 24-hour turnaround analysis and field testing where required.

24-HOUR turnarounds

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